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Booklets  ”Cornucopia of My...”

by Lina Tyuliep

Both the author and illustrator Lina Tyuliep is proud to present  booklets "Cornucopia of My...".

There are two paper booklets in the series under the same title "Cornucopia of My.... ".Their front covers are illustrated by the author herself, and this makes them unique. The front cover illustrations are related to the title. The title ending with three dots implies the main idea of these booklets, the idea that they are meant not for reading but for completing them. Inside the booklets you will not find the Table of Contents, textual information, the list of different prompts and questions for answering. In the booklets there is one page for writing down your personal data, and the rest of the pages are either lined or blank. Lined pages on the left side of a two-page spread are for making notes, blank pages on the right side suggest that the user of these booklets illustrates the information put down on the previous left-side page.

Although both booklets in this small series have the same title, subtitle and the layout of the interior pages, still there are some minor differences. The front covers of these booklets are of different colors and have slightly different illustrations. One booklet with a pink front cover contains introductory phrases both on the lined and blank pages explaining what is to be done on them. Another booklet with the front cover of peach color does not have introductory phrases on all its pages thus giving a bigger freedom in terms of page space and provision of a booklet user with a chance to decide what headings, if any, to put at the top of the pages.

There is not any strict age limit for these booklets users. The main thing is a person's ability to reason independently without any prompts and to make own deductions. Possibly very small children and younger age teenagers could be excluded from the range of potential users. However, young , grown-up and older generation people may find these booklets interesting, as they can be used not only for making notes on the personal growth or development theme to reread some time later but also to help people express their creativity by illustrating the information written down the way they like. All people prefer reading books with pictures. Why not illustrate one's own notes on the same page spread!? This will make the process of the booklet completing a kind of entertainment or fun. The booklets users may choose their own headings for the pages, decide on the subject of their notes and the type of illustration to be used on the right-side page “ a drawing, a photograph, etc.

There are also two Kindle versions of the booklets "Cornucopia of My..." which are meant only for notetaking in the digital form.



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